A Model for Personalized Risk of Metastasis in Uveal Melanoma

PRiMeUM is an interactive web-based tool which stands for the Prediction of Risk of Metastasis in Uveal Melanoma. The purpose of this model is to provide a personalized risk estimate of developing distant metastasis within 48 months of primary therapy of the uveal melanoma.

The PRiMeUM program requires the following demographic and clinical information: age and gender of individual with uveal melanoma, diameter of the tumor (mm), thickness of the tumor (mm) and location of the tumor. These features have an accuracy of 83% for predicting risk of metastasis. It is optional to include somatic chromosomal copy number status. The addition of somatic chromosome 3 copy number information increases the accuracy to 85%. The model also can incorporate information about copy number status for chromosomes 1p, 6 (p and q) and 8 (p and q) and has an accuracy of 85%.

PRiMeUM was developed and validated using a dataset of 1227 uveal melanoma cases. Complete demographic (age and gender) and clinical data (tumor size and location) was available for all 1227 cases. Chromosome 3 status was known for a subset of 1158 cases, and chromosome 3, 1p, 6 and 8 status was known for 688 cases. Over 98% of the cases used to develop and validate PReMiUM were self-reported to be Caucasian, and 97% were from the USA. (Vaquero-Garcia J, Lalonde E, Ewens KG, Ebrahimzadeh J, Richard-Yutz J, Shields CL, Barrera A, Green CJ, Barash Y, Ganguly A. PRiMeUM: a Model for Predicting Risk of Metastasis in Uveal Melanoma. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2017; in press.)